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Join The Fountain, our community of generous monthly donors who are transforming lives by providing clean and safe water to people of Uganda.

Together, let’s drill 100 wells by 2030!

Over 80% of the people in Uganda lack access safe water. Clean water is fundamental to better health, educational opportunity and economic prosperity. Your monthly donation of $18 will provide clean and safe water for two people for a generation. We need your help to drill 100 wells by 2030 that will serve 100,000 people and save countless lives.

Join The Fountain and be the changemaker these communities so desperately need. Let us begin with determination to end the water crisis in Uganda. Join us today!

It All Starts with Water
When clean, safe water arrives in a community, everything changes. Girls who used spend hours walking with 40 pound jerry cans to fetch water can now go to school. The health of the entire community improves and needless deaths due to diarrhea, dysentery and other waterborne illnesses are reduced dramatically. Community members now have the time to focus on tending crops, starting businesses and learning skills. Access to clean safe water shouldn’t be a luxury - It’s a basic human right and a problem we can solve.

Changing History

Not many times in our life can we see history being changed positively in front of our eyes.  People like you are coming together as part of a movement to save lives by giving what they can to provide access to clean water where there is none.  We can prove how invincible we are when we work together. It all starts with water!

Call to Care Uganda has drilled 85 wells that are currently serving over 75,000 people in Uganda. We're a women-owned nonprofit and a unique solution – That's why we're different.

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“I joined the fountain because I know that my monthly contribution not only provides clean water to communities, but it is also an investment in education. As a school teacher, I want to support keeping children in school instead of spending their days fetching water.”

- Erin Baumgartel

“As a Fountain member, I know my monthly donation will go directly towards helping the people of Uganda have access to clean drinking water.”

- Bill Llewellyn

“I love being a monthly donor each month.  I just look on my bank statement and see an amount that’s going toward this incredible cause. I don’t have to lift a finger.  I lifted it once, and it brings clean water to families and children.  I hope you will join me in this effort!"

- Melinda Alcosser

Meet the game changers who have joined The Fountain.

Like you, these Fountain members want to be part of something big, something impactful and something that's transforming lives.

As a member of The Fountain, you will receive our monthly newsletter; The Current to see how your donations are creating lasting change. You can also join our founder, Martha Wells Hoffman, via Zoom each quarter for a live update with a Q&A session.


Join an extraordinary tribe of monthly givers!

Becoming a member of The Fountain resonates for good people like you.

Together, let’s drill 100 wells by 2030!

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We Made a Commitment!


At the United Nations at the World Water Conference, we boldly committed to drill 100 new wells in Uganda by 2030 – and we have already reached 10% of our goal!

We have a crystal clear vision aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #6 - Water for all! Together, we can move forward with passion, strength and resilience.


Join The Fountain. You belong here!

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