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Access to clean, safe water, transforms generations.

With help from friends like you, we continue to make a positive impact on thousands of lives through the construction of wells, school connections, and health initiatives. Creating access to local, clean water enables people to stay healthier, send their children to school, and spend time providing for their families.

When Water is Plentiful...

Our Impact

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...Health is Improved

Children playing near stagnant and dirty water are more likely to contract malaria. By providing clean wells, we’re helping to reduce the number of cases of malaria for entire communities.


Plus, we’ve created education and prevention programs which include an interactive teaching tool that was distributed to hundreds of children along with mosquito nets to aid with malaria prevention and education to save lives.

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...Children Can Go To School

When children no longer spend their days collecting water, they can go to school... a life changing opportunity.


While helping the Kaberamaido community dig a well, Call to Care saw the need for better education facilities, so we built a school. We secured international and stateside partnerships for the sustainable school build project, and have set up school connections to form lasting relationships here and abroad.

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...Fair Trade Can Begin

Once women stop spending half of their day bringing water to their homes, they have time to think about starting local businesses like fruit stands and the Trade Craft Exchange Program we created to raise awareness, bring hope to Ugandan artisans, and fund development projects.

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...People Are Empowered

After a decade of speaking with people in Uganda, Call to Care has found that, most importantly, access to clean water brings people hope. When basic needs are met, people can focus on creating a better future for themselves and their families.

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Working Together Globally

We’re fortunate to have relationships with hard working, trusted individuals like Chris Ochaloi, our Uganda Chairman, who pave the way for these successful projects. From leading well drilling teams to passing out malaria education tools, our volunteers are on the front line of creating change.

The Cycle of Success

From start, to finish, and beyond, we're there every step of the way.

The Need

The young girls and women in this community walked 12 miles several times a day for dirty water. They were in desperate need of a better way.

Drilling Wells

It costs $7,500 to drill a well, but our commitment goes far beyond. Our  "CTCU Safe Water" program includes planning, implementation, and follow through.


The first moments of flowing water might be the most rewarding. Hear from a community after their well has been drilled.

10 Years After

The journey doesn't end with the well. See the lasting transformation in the lives of individuals and communities.

Our Stories

Our Stories
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Alice Ageo's New Path

This road used to be one of despair.  Now it leads to hope. Alice’s new path is now heavily trodden by children, her 5 and many others, that walk daily to school ALL BECAUSE OF WATER!  This path also goes to her home that is made from bricks (not just a mud hut!). Again, ALL BECAUSE OF WATER! Alice and everyone in her village are healthier, happier and hopeful for a bright future – ALL BECAUSE OF WATER! 

Well and Project Locations

Click on each well or development project marker to learn more.

Help Create New Success Stories

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