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Since 2007, Thousands of People Have Answered the Call To Care

Schools, churches, businesses, civic organizations, neighbors, family and friends from all over the world have made it possible for CTCU’s small group of dedicated volunteers to make a big difference.


Like the First Congregational Church in Madison, Connecticut who galvanized their congregation to work on projects to raise and donate funds to provide access to clean and safe water for the people of Olegei Village. The addition of a village well has helped elevate their safety and wellness by:

  • Curbing the fatal effects of waterborne disease

  • Eliminating time spent walking for water so that children can return to school

  • Allowing villagers to begin investing their time in community development


Then they went on to do it again... 6 more times! That’s just one example of the enormous impact one community can have on another, even one that’s 7,000 miles away. All it takes is an open heart and a helping hand.

Won't you join us?

Get Involved

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Ways to Donate

Your donation allows us to connect people and create partnerships around the world. Check out the many ways you can help.

Donate a Well!

Each well costs $7,500 USD to create change for generations. Consider this opportunity to improve the living conditions for entire communities by drilling and dedicating a well in honor of a person or organization.

Matching Gifts

Double your gift! Thousands of companies offer dollar per dollar matching gift programs to their employees as part of a corporate giving philanthropy. Enter your company's gift matching information at the end of the online donation process.


We are fortunate to work with compassionate partners around the world who support our goal to supply water to vulnerable communities. Please contact us to learn about ways we can work together to maximize our impact and help break the cycle of poverty together.

Corporate Gifts

Is your organization looking to donate to a trusted cause with tangible results? Please consider CTCU and contact us for details.

Monthly Giving

Consider choosing to support Call to Care Uganda through a recurring, monthly contribution allowing you to schedule your ongoing donation to support our well drilling initiatives and general operational needs.

Ways to Donate

Crafts for Water

Our hand-made crafts are produced by Ugandan artisans and make wonderful gifts. 100% of the proceeds from craft sales go to Call to Care Uganda's efforts to provide clean water. 

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Fundraising and Awareness

There are so many ways to get involved! Host a fundraising event, create a fundraiser page, sponsor a walk team, or simply post about us on your social sites. There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active advocate yourself.

Some of the great ways to make a difference are through projects like...

  • "Well Run" water walks and 1K/5K races that simulate the many miles traveled on a daily basis by kids around the world just to get clean water...raising awareness and fundraising to help others globally.

  • Collaborate with Earth2 through their WELLfed initiative, to fund a borehole well. Find out more, here: Tell them you want to benefit a Call to Care Uganda project!

  • Volunteer! Get involved with CTCU! Get on one of our active committees and be the change....literally!

  • Invite us to come speak to your community group or at your business, church, school, book get the idea! Sharing and raising awareness spreads goodness.

  • Are you a student? Start a "Uganda Club" at your school and help your peers with social responsibility!

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Programs for Organizations

Are you with an organization that is interested in raising awareness or holding a group fundraiser? We have several programs you can choose from to build your own fundraising events:

Fund a Well

Each well costs $7,500 USD to create change for generations. Consider this opportunity to improve the living conditions for entire communities by drilling and dedicating a well in honor of your organization.

Host a Fair Trade Event

Host a Fair Trade event with beautiful wares made by Ugandan artisans in your cafeteria, meeting or upcoming event.  Everyone loves to purchase unique gifts while shopping responsibly and drilling wells!

Become a "Twin"

Call to Care Uganda’s school “twinning” program is designed to help connect impoverished schools in Uganda with individuals and groups (schools, churches, clubs, families) in the US. By providing support to the school as a whole (vs. individually sponsoring children), the entire community can be lifted up to succeed and an ongoing relationship can be fostered. Learn More

Create Your Own

There are many ways we can all help the people of Uganda so let's brainstorm together. If you have something special in mind, let us know., we'd love to help coordinate with you.

 It's a wonderful way to learn the value of helping others and make personal connections with children in Uganda. 

Let's talk and figure out which program is right for you.

Fundraising an awareness
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Volunteer with CTCU

Call to Care Uganda welcomes more passionate hearts, minds and hands to our team and would love to speak with you if you feel the calling too. Please contact us to inquire about local volunteer and board positions or ways to get involved remotely.


Currently we’re looking to fill the following team roles:

- Director of Corporate Partnerships

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