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Through our relationships with communities in Uganda, we often find the need to extend our compassion beyond providing clean water.  

Development Projects

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The Kalaki Unity School

The Kalaki Unity Nursery and Primary School was established to protect, love and provide quality education to children between the ages of 6-15 years old in the district of Kalaki. Set up as a non-government organization (NGO), the school is governed by a board of directors who strictly follow national standards and certifications for a superior level of instruction for their students.

The name “Unity School” reflects the strong partnership between Call to Care Uganda in the US, Stichting CHICA Foundation ( based in The Netherlands, and the staff and the students at the school in Uganda. Together, we are committed to helping vulnerable children in this remote area of Uganda obtain a quality education…which brings with it a chance for success!

Construction of the school build was made possible in 2016 through this collaboration, and The Kalaki Unity School opened its door to students in February 2017. Building continued as subsequent funds became available, and six new classrooms were just erected in October 2019, allowing the school to welcome all primary school grade children.

Generous donors in the states such as Daniel Hand High School Uganda Club, First Congregational Church of Madison, St. John’s Episcopal Church in Grand Haven, Michigan, and more have all had a hand in supporting Unity School with supplies, shoes, books and transportation needs.​

Would you like to connect your school to Unity?  Do you have a funding initiative that you think can continue to advance this new school?  Are you a teacher who would like the opportunity to go to Uganda and teach at Unity? We would love to hear from you!

Unity School
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Malaria Prevention and Education

In Uganda, malaria is like the common cold - it is everywhere and spreads quickly by mosquitoes.  Although it is preventable and treatable, so many children die because they are unaware of how to stay safe.


Malaria Education Tool (MET)


MET was developed as an interactive and visual tool to teach children about the dangers of malaria and what they can do to prevent being infected by it. Studies show that children often learn best when language is reinforced with compelling visuals and “hands on” interaction with the educational tool.


The MET combines all of these elements to present a fun and interesting experience. The tool is colorful with large graphic images on the cover designed to create interest and draw children's attention into the piece. The tool was also designed to be able to be used in a number of settings and environments.  It is large enough to be successfully presented to a group, yet small enough for one on one instruction. Its durable construction allows for repeat use, even in damp environments.

Thousands of MET “wheels” are currently being used field by educators, healthcare providers and caregivers.

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Malaria Prevention Wheel
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School Connections / Twinning

Call to Care Uganda’s school “twinning” program is designed to help connect impoverished schools in Uganda with individuals and groups (schools, churches, clubs, families) in the US. By providing support to the school as a whole (vs. individually sponsoring children), the entire community can be lifted up to succeed and an ongoing relationship can be fostered.


What does it mean to participate?


Creating a relationship with a school through Call to Care Uganda could be as simple as setting up pen pal letter correspondence, or getting help with establishing a more specific project.  Many schools have jumped in to help by funding items on our school “wish lists,” spearheading well projects, selling fair trade crafts, starting “Uganda Clubs” at their school, etc. Your ideas are important to us, and we look forward to helping facilitate them!

You can make a difference


The Mitooma Junior School is located in Mitooma, a district in the southwestern region of Uganda.  This is just one of the schools that we work with. It is a school for approximately 380 students, with 180 of the students boarding. The school was started by a man named John Kateeba, a CTCU colleague, and accepts students who are poor or orphaned and would otherwise have not chance at going to school.  

In addition to money to support teachers and food for students, a sample “wish list” from Mitooma Junior School includes:

  • Text books

  • School Supplies

  • Computers

  • Internet connection

  • First aid supplies for their sick bay

  • Sewing machines to learn tailoring

  • Musical instruments for their school band​

Let’s get you a “twin!”  (That term came right from Uganda!)

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Join Us to Make a Difference

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