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Thursday, November 14 at 7:30 pm
Join us for a BIG announcement and private screening of “Queen of Katwe” to help bring health, safety and education to the people of Uganda through clean, accessible water. Enjoy music, arts, news from CTCU, and a great film while your $15 ticket donation helps save lives.

It all begins with water...

Clean, accessible water provides entire communities with better health, education, and futures.

Since 2007, Call To Care Uganda

has drilled more than 60 borehole wells in villages throughout Uganda, impacting over 45,000 lives.

Our "Clean Water Initiative" provides communities with:

  • Improved health & safety

  • Self-Sustaining change

  • Freedom for women

  • Cleaner living conditions

  • Time for girls to attend school

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we continue to make a positive impact on thousands of lives through the construction of wells and health initiatives.


Support Call To Care Uganda and create opportunity for many generations to come.

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