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It All Starts with Water

Bringing health, safety, and education to the people of Uganda through clean, accessible water.

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Since 2007, Call to Care Uganda has drilled

86 borehole wells in villages throughout Uganda, impacting over 75,000 lives.

of Ugandans lack access to safe water


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Wells drilled by CTCU since 2007


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More people now have access to clean, safe water.


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The CTCU Safe Water Program provides communities with:

  • Improved health & safety

  • Time for girls to attend school

  • Easing of women's daily burdens

  • Clean/Safe living conditions

  • Self-Sustaining change

Making a Difference

Delivered water to more than 75,000 people with the drilling of 86 wells... and counting!

Our dedicated team and volunteers work hard to be a voice for the voiceless, raising awareness and forming human bridges across the ocean to provide assistance directly into the hands of those in need. We’re proud of all we have accomplished and excited for future opportunities.

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Meet Alice Ageo from Ongoratok Village

"A Fresh Start"

This road used to be one of despair.  Now it leads to hope. Alice’s new path is now heavily trodden by children, her 5 and many others, that walk daily to school all because of clean, accessible water...

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we continue to make a positive impact on thousands of lives through the construction of wells and health initiatives.


Support Call to Care Uganda and create opportunity for many generations to come.

With help from friends like you

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