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CTCU Partners with University of New Haven Slice Project

CTCU is honored to have worked with the students of University of New Haven on a mutually beneficial Social Media Planning project.

Call to Care Uganda was fortunate to have been chosen as one of the live-client organizations in the University of New Haven's College of Business "Shared Live Client Experience Program" (SLiCE). Through this program, students are provided with an opportunity to participate in a live-client capstone experience that will give them the skills they need in an ever-changing and demanding world.

A group of students was assigned to our organization to redesign and plan our social media program. Since they implemented the new plan, our following has more than doubled and we are thrilled to have expanded from an initial Facebook presence to include Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. This additional reach will greatly improve our ability to raise funding to drill wells in the most vulnerable communities of Uganda.

Expanding our Social Media reach is key to bringing health, safety, and education to the people of Uganda through clean, safe water. We're helping to end the cycle of poverty.

Call to Care is excited to have new ways to communicate with people all over the world through these expanded channels. We're looking forward to growing our followers and interacting more with people who are passionate about bringing clean, safe water to the people who need it most.

Gaining a Social Media Director

After working together on the Slice Project, graduate Mario Rotella joined the CTCU Board as Director of Social Media and has been growing our following ever since. We can't thank Mario and the team enough for helping our organization reach more people enabling us to create lasting change in Uganda.

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