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The Unity School Project

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Meet Adiango and her fellow students at The Unity Nursery & Primary School.

Their water well brought hope. Adiango’s school couldn’t have been built without water because bricks couldn’t be made without it. Today, the school has opened and has 75 little ones attending. They take turns pumping the water for one another when they wash up after their lunch. Adiango doesn’t have to spend her days gathering dirty or unsafe water. She has a clean source right at her fingertips and spends her days learning her ABC’s and 123’s like all children should! Water is the springboard to success!

Adiango exudes joy as she plays in the water from her new well. Their water well brought hope.

Since 2013 when we purchased 4 acres of land, the UNITY School was just a dream in the hearts of both our Call To Care Uganda members and the families of Kaberamaido. After years of fundraising, global and local coordination, countless new relationships, and building, we are ready to finish the last few classrooms. When we're done, students will be able to attend every grade from start to graduation. That's 10 school rooms, teacher quarters, a water well, and all of the details and supplies that help the school run. It was no easy task, but with your help, we have made this dream a reality.

Thank you to the many people who have helped along the way, and please consider supporting CTCU so we can finish and continue sending school supplies for this life changing miracle.

More stories about the Unity School coming soon!

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