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Clean Hands Save Lives

Each pair of washed hands helps stop the spread of disease, but hands can't be washed without clean water.

Please help us drill more clean water wells in underserved communities in Uganda, helping the world stay safer.

Together, let's stop the global spread of COVID-19, two hands at a time.

Help a person in Uganda wash their hands for the rest of their lives.



Provide a whole family with a lifetime of clean water.


Imagine what we can do for an entire community!


The CTCU Safe Water Program provides communities with:

  • Improved health & safety

  • Time for girls to attend school

  • Easing of women's daily burdens

  • Clean/Safe living conditions

  • Self-Sustaining change

Making a Difference

Delivered water to more than 50,000 people with the drilling of over 60 wells... and counting!

Our dedicated team and volunteers work hard to be a voice for the voiceless, raising awareness and forming human bridges across the ocean to provide assistance directly into the hands of those in need. We’re proud of all we have accomplished and excited for future opportunities.

Crafts for Water

Our hand-made crafts are produced by Ugandan artisans and make wonderful gifts. 100% of the proceeds from craft sales go to Call to Care Uganda's efforts to provide clean water. 

With help from friends like you

we continue to make a positive impact on thousands of lives through the construction of wells and health initiatives.


Support Call to Care Uganda and create opportunity for many generations to come.

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